A Healthier Me: V8 V-Fusion


I’m not the healthiest eater in the world. I’ll be the first to admit that. I’m not a salad person. I’m really not trying to be a salad person, either. But I did make a New Year’s Resolution to take care of myself better and of course that includes making better choices when it comes to what I eat or drink. One thing that I have been trying this year is the 100% Juice drink V8 V-Fusion.

USDA myplate_magenta So according to the new USDA MyPlate guidelines, half of our plate should be fruits and vegetables. That was something that I definitely needed to work on, and V8 V-Fusion is helping a bit even though it is not perfect. I have always been curious about V8 V-Fusion because it is a fruit-vegetable drink that was said to have a full serving of fruits and vegetables. The labeling is a bit tricky, though. The bottle says each 8 ounce glass gives you one full serving of fruits and vegetables. But if you read into it a bit more, you will find that each 8 oz glass (8 oz = 1 cup) actually only gives you 1/2 cup of vegetables and 1/2 cup of fruit. The daily recommendation according to MyPlate is that for a 2,000 calorie diet, you should be getting 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit a day. So to get a real full serving of the recommended fruits and vegetables, you really need to drink about 5 cups of V8 V-Fusion a day.

Drinking 5 cups of V8 V-Fusion a day would not be a difficult thing to do for anyone because it is YUMMY, however I wouldn’t recommend it since each cup has 180 calories and 25g of sugar. The American Heart Association (AHA) typically recommends no more than 25g of sugar (100 calories, or about 6 teaspoons) per day for women and no more than 36g of sugar (150 calories, or about 9 teaspoons) for men per day. Thankfully V8 V-Fusion has other products with less sugar/calories like V8 V-Fusion Light and V8 V-Fusion + Tea, but I haven’t tried those yet. I’ve just been drinking one cup of V8 V-Fusion a day, it is an easy way to at least get 1/2 cup of fruits and 1/2 cup of vegetables each day.

I even tried the store brand versions of V8 V-Fusion, both CVS and Walmart have their own versions and it tastes just as good and has the same nutritional value. They all contain a powerful antioxidant combination of Vitamins A (for vision, healthy skin), C (healthy bones and teeth) and E (protection against cell damage). So if you are interested in V8 V-Fusion I’d recommend checking to see if there are cheaper alternatives that you’d be happy with as well. All in all I recommend V8 V-Fusion but remember, you really shouldn’t drink more than one cup per day since it is sugary! V8 V-Fusion should only help supplement your fruit and vegetable intake for a stronger, healthier you.

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