How to Change or Switch Your Beachbody Coach

I just recently switched my Beachbody Coach and it only took one email and a couple of days. I wasn’t very happy with my Beachbody Coach, but I didn’t want to be assigned to a random coach so I decided to wait until I came across someone who I’d want […]


Quinceañera, Sweet 16, or None of the Above? 6

We received an invitation the other day to a friend’s daughter’s Quinceañera. The invitation is beautiful and my mother and I were talking about how great it is for families to go through all of this trouble to create beautiful memories for their children. Families spend oodles of cash for […]

A 3 Year Old… On Monsters 5

Hello 🙂 How’s everybody doing? Hopefully everyone is okay and enjoying their weekend. I was just taking a break from studying, decided to hop online and check my e-mail real quick when I saw a forward from my Dad (he always sends the funniest things.) The e-mail had a video […]