View your site/blog visually as a graph 2

Came across this neat app (thanks to @skinnyjeans) where you enter your blog or site url and view your site’s coding visually on a colorful graph. The image above is my site! Complex and weird… just like me! Lol. Here are what the colors represent: blue: links (A tag) red: […]

My personality type is the Performer? 1

I was catching up on my favorite blogs when I came across Typealyzer thanks to Jeffro2pt0. Typealyzer (Beta) scans your blog posts and identifies the personality type of the writer. I’m a sucker for things like this (and majored in Psychology) so I went, entered my blog URL for kicks […] – My Online Social Sidekick 5

Within this past year there have been a countless number of sites created that are similar to Twitter. When Twitter was down in the dumps and nothing seemed to be working right, many of my fellow Twitterers went on to seek a replacement for Twitter. I was one of those […]

Can you keep a secret? 7

Can you keep a secret? Well…? Can you? We all have secrets… about others, about ourselves… and there’s always this great pressure to just let it out. Fortunately for us there are many ways you could do just that… anonymously! I don’t know if many people know about Post Secret, […]

Digsby – IM, Email & Social Network Application 2

I decided to blog about an application I use on a daily basis – Digsby. What is Digsby? A time-saver, especially for people like me! One username and password gives me access to all of my e-mail, instant messenger, and social networking accounts. Digsby is an application that allows you […]

Best Makeup: Bare Minerals 2

I’ve been wanting to blog about Bare Minerals for quite some time. Why? Because I absolutely love it. It took me a while to try it… but I’m glad I did. You see, I was stuck with one particular type of makeup for quite some time. It was bad for […]

My First Product Recommendation – YAYY! 2

Hi all! I’ve been working on the website a little here and there and have just decided to start sharing some products that I use with the internet world. I’ll blog about them of course, but after I blog about them I will also put the products in my Extras […]