Sircle Samples Review: Free Beauty Products

Last year I heard about a new website that offers free samples of beauty and personal care products – I submitted a request for an invite and love the concept of the site. It’s simple, you could either request an invite or have a friend invite you to join. […]


Send Earnings Review 11

Last year I blogged about how awesome being on the Pinecone Research Panel was and it made me want to find out if there were any other equally awesome ways to make money online. So I checked out many sites and came across and decided to check out if […]

SendEarnings check

KGB – Knowledge Generation Bureau Review 5

Have you guys seen these commercials yet? For KGB? Well one night I couldn’t get the thought of me wanting tinted tail lights for my SUV out of my mind. I know it’s illegal in some states but when searching the net to see if it was legal or not […]

Evernote Review 5

As you all should know by now, most of the sites or applications I recommend are just things that make life a bit easier (like Digsby and Well today I’ll be talking about something else that makes my life a whole lot easier… Evernote. Before Evernote, everytime there was […]

Power Twitter 4

I don’t think I need to mention that I’m a Twitterholic. I believe it’s fairly obvious. I tweet by phone via and text messages. I send pics through SnapTweet. What more could I want? Something that never came to mind is improving my Twitter experience online, on my own […]

Pinecone Research Review 24

LATEST UPDATE: To see the newest links that people are sharing with me, scroll down and check the COMMENTS section and also the TRACKBACKS links (scroll down past the comments). Good luck! UPDATE August 2012: New Link *HOT* Pinecone Research: Looking for New Panel Members ($3 per survey)! UPDATED January […]

View your site/blog visually as a graph 2

Came across this neat app (thanks to @skinnyjeans) where you enter your blog or site url and view your site’s coding visually on a colorful graph. The image above is my site! Complex and weird… just like me! Lol. Here are what the colors represent: blue: links (A tag) red: […]

My personality type is the Performer? 1

I was catching up on my favorite blogs when I came across Typealyzer thanks to Jeffro2pt0. Typealyzer (Beta) scans your blog posts and identifies the personality type of the writer. I’m a sucker for things like this (and majored in Psychology) so I went, entered my blog URL for kicks […] – My Online Social Sidekick 5

Within this past year there have been a countless number of sites created that are similar to Twitter. When Twitter was down in the dumps and nothing seemed to be working right, many of my fellow Twitterers went on to seek a replacement for Twitter. I was one of those […]