Winsor Pilates Bun & Thigh Sculpting Review & Video 4

In my last workout blog I said that the next Winsor Pilates workout I blog about is a MUST HAVE for every woman out there! That workout is Winsor Pilates Bun and Thigh Sculpting. (Great for guys as well, I just say women because we complain about our thighs and […]

Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout Improves Posture 4

For the past few weeks I have been working out with Winsor Pilates again (read previous post: Winsor Pilates Intro). It has been a refreshing change! I am already feeling and seeing results. You know what I love about pilates? It improves your posture. I completely forgot about this great […]

Winsor Pilates

Winsor Pilates Intro 7

I have been working out with P90x for quite some time now but with my recent hectic schedule and this hot summer weather… I needed to change things up a bit. Feeling drained from long labs and the heat, I just did not feel like losing anymore sweat from P90x’s […]

Winsor Pilates

Get a Sexy Butt 4

During my day off on Saturday morning I was laying in bed and looking through Star magazine when I came across an ad that made me chuckle. The article showed a rather nice derrière and in huge bold letters it read “Want a Sexy Butt?” and below that I saw […]

P90X Classic, Doubles & Lean Routine Pt. II 8

Ok you crazy P90x people. Sorry for the delay – life happens. But here is the rest of the schedule for P90 Classic, Doubles and Lean routines. It is for weeks 9-13. Pay attention to the sheet! In the first section there’s the schedule for week 9 and 11, below […]

P90x Classic vs Doubles vs Lean Routine 92

I know quite a few people starting P90x either because of my recommendation or by word of mouth through others. Something that most of them don’t know is that they have a choice of how they want to use P90x. You can do P90x Classic, which I believe is popular […]

P90X Workout Routine

Can You Handle P90x? Take the Fit Test 14

When people talk to me about P90x one of the main concerns I always hear from them is the difficulty of the exercises. I tell them that P90x is for people who are already in fairly good shape and they hear the workouts are grueling, challenging, and they often wonder […]

P90x Shoulders and Arms Review 2

P90x Shoulders and Arms is another workout scheduled in P90x’s lean routine. What I love about this workout is that it targets 3 very important areas… over and over again. P90x Shoulders and Arms targets the triceps, biceps, and shoulders. You have the option of using weights or bands for […]

P90x Update and Kenpo X

I wanted to give everyone a little update on my personal experience with P90x. Unfortunately with my schedule, I have not been able to workout 6 days a week like the program asks for. But the workouts are KILLER and I am still seeing results. I won’t go into numbers […]

P90X Kenpo X

P90x Cardio X Review 3

As you all may know already, I’m doing the P90x fitness program. The first workout DVD they list for Day 1 is Core Synergistics, and if you missed it I already posted a review and my initial reactions to it here. For Day 2 of P90x, you do Cardio X. […]