I’ve Always Been a Nike Girl

I just saw the Nike “Voices” video and I was just moved. In this video, “Nike celebrates how far women’s sports have come by featuring elite athletes who defied convention — women who wanted to play so badly, they wrote their own rules.” Check it out below If hearing those […]


Road Less Traveled

Life is insane. I never really realized how crazy or “different” my life has been until a person recently asked me questions and I began to explain… and then I saw the reactions. And I began to wonder why. But then I realized… I made some brave decisions. LOL. All […]


Guilty Pleasure: Real Estate

Source: tumblr.com via Maria on Pinterest If you have been to my new Pinterest page you’ll probably notice that my Dream Home board is more active in comparison to my other boards. The reason for this is that I just love looking at big beautiful homes, it is a guilty […]


A Healthier Me: V8 V-Fusion

I’m not the healthiest eater in the world. I’ll be the first to admit that. I’m not a salad person. I’m really not trying to be a salad person, either. But I did make a New Year’s Resolution to take care of myself better and of course that includes making […]


Curly Bangs 3

New year, new hair? To make a long story short, my boyfriend convinced me late last year to let my hair grow out naturally curly. I relax it, and pretty much have been relaxing my hair since middle school. I didn’t know how to handle my curly hair. But now […]


A Brief Intermission 3

Sorry no blog this week, but I have really good reasons for not posting! 1) I have a NEW JOB! I’m so excited to finally be working in the career I have had my eye on for years. I’m happy because I feel like I got all of my “general” […]

Azabache Bracelet 1

Azabache bracelet by LUXURYGOLD888 The other night I was looking through celebrity gossip, which I’ll admit is a guilty pleasure of mine. We were trying to find out if Jennifer Lopez had her twins already since I’m a huge fan of both Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony! So I was […]

Azabache bracelet by LUXURYGOLD888