Beauty Tips 101: How to Apply Self-Tanner

Beauty & Confidence: Beauty & Makeup Tips Beauty Tips 101: How to Apply Self-Tanner By Maya Rock for Beauty & Confidence After a long winter, you’re ready to toss the extra layers. But while the spring brings longer days, you won’t get any color from the five-minute walk from your […]


Killer Sunshine: The Facts

Everybody is always looking for that perfect tan. I know I’m guilty of this myself, but hearing about others close to me who have had skin cancer scares has made me make smarter decisions (no more indoor tanning booths for me). Did you know that while the cancer rates in […]


Best Sunscreen L’Oréal Paris Sublime Sun

It is summertime and whether or not you plan on heading to the beach, you need to protect your skin! If you watched Dr. Oz within the past month you probably caught his Sunscreen Survival episode where he spoke with dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur. They made a lot of good […]


Hollywood Tans Review 2

People often ask me where I tan since I usually tweet when I am going to the salon. I understand how hard it is to find a good tanning salon especially since there are tanning salons everywhere these days. Not to mention the bad experience some of us have had […]