Verano Glow: 5 Ways to Get Started

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Verano Glow: 5 Ways to Get Started

By Valeria Guston for Las Fabulosas


Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pack away your sweaters and pull out your flirty sundresses to show a little — or a lot of — skin. But as wonderful as these first weeks of longer days and warmer weather are, baring more flesh can also be a beauty challenge. These five easy steps will rejuvenate your winter-worn skin and have you radiating that verano glow in no time.

1. Exfoliate
All-over exfoliation is key to priming your summer canvas. For delicate facial skin, try gentle products that contain microbeads and fruit enzymes to gently scrub away dull, dry skin. Or use a night cream with glycolic acid. For your body and feet, go for something a little heavy-duty, like a sea salt scrub.

2. Condition
Moisturizer is vital for smooth, baby-soft skin even in sultry weather. Look for one that hydrates, without clogging pores, and provides light sun protection. Or, try a tanning moisturizer that gives winter-pale legs a touch of subtle color.

3. Protect
We all know about the importance of sunscreen: More is more. Opt for products with an SPF whenever possible. And if reapplying sunscreen every two hours as recommended leaves your face feeling like an oil slick, skin care expert Renée Rouleau suggests using a mineral powder sunscreen for touch-ups.

4. Highlight
Bronzers and highlighters add dimension and infuse your skin with a golden glow. When looking for the perfect bronzer, think sun-kissed (not sun-baked) and only go a shade darker than your skin tone. For all-over shimmer, try lightly tinted bronzing oil.

5. Embrace Color
This season is all about pops of color and bold berry lips, so it’s a great time to have fun with your summer makeup palette. Vivid, citrusy eye shadows are fresh and youthful. Look for a double-sided lip color that can be layered for a perfect color fit.


Valeria Guston  has ghostwritten style and beauty books for Hyperion and HarperCollins Publishers. She is also a regular contributor to This is her first article for Las Fabulosas.

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