Myths And Realities About Laser Hair Removal


Most women in America know all too well the time they put into shaving their legs. In fact, surveys conducted reveal that women who shave their legs spend around 72 days of their life doing so. The good news is that there is something better: laser hair removal. Yet many people fear laser hair removal because of some common myths they have heard about the procedure.

“It is interesting to hear all the myths and misconceptions that people have about laser hair removal,” explains Dr. Sanjiv Saini of MD Dermatology, with locations in Edgewater and Lexington Park, Maryland. “Yet, once people actually get it, they can’t believe they waited so long. It offers long-lasting benefits and is a much easier treatment than you may think.”

Here are some common myths, along with their realities, regarding laser hair removal:

  • The pain factor. Most people have a fear of laser hair removal, assuming that it must be extremely painful. The reality of this myth is that, while some people find it uncomfortable, the procedure is not really painful.
  • The time investment. The myths here run the gamut, with some people thinking that only one laser hair removal treatment is needed, while others think the treatments continue forever. The reality is that the procedure will need to be done about every four weeks until the hair has all been removed, producing long-term results.
  • Skin tone exemptions. There are myths that go around regarding whether or not certain skin tones can go under the laser. Some people believe that very light or dark tones will not work under the laser, which is not true. The laser hair removal treatments work for most people, regardless of skin tone.
  • It will cost a fortune. The perceived expense regarding laser hair removal is one of the main reasons people avoid it. Yet the reality is that someone who gets their legs waxed or spends money on other beautifying procedures at the salon or spa will find that the cost of laser hair treatment is right in line with those. Since the treatments don’t go on forever, laser hair treatment is actually more economical, in the long run.
  • The treatment won’t work on some types of hair. There are misconceptions regarding which types of hair, or which particular hair colors, will not work for laser hair removal. While there are some hair colors that are more difficult, most people can successfully have the procedure.

“Rather than ignoring laser hair treatment due to myths, it is ideal for people to speak with our office,” added Dr. Saini. “We can answer questions that pertain to that individual, and can do an evaluation to see if they are a good candidate for laser hair removal. It’s a procedure that is misunderstood by many, but it provides excellent, long-lasting results.”

Laser hair removal helps people avoid the ongoing battle of shaving, waxing, and plucking. There are long term results provided from just six treatments, there are no ingrown hairs to worry about, and it provides a smoother, sleeker appearance. In addition to laser hair removal, MD Dermatology offers a full line of clinical dermatology procedures, including precision neck contouring, laser services, injection services, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more. They are a medically directed spa that offers a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of every patient. For additional information, visit their site at:

About MD Dermatology

With locations in Edgewater and Lexington Park, Maryland, MD Dermatology is a full-service medically directed spa. The medical spa is owned by Dr. Sanjiv Saini, a board-certified dermatologist who has also taught at Howard University and is the coordinating dermatologist for the Washington Nationals baseball team. MD Dermatology offers a full array of services, including precision neck contouring, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more. For additional information, visit their site at:


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