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Revlon Fake Eyelashes

This blog post is long overdue! I love long eyelashes, that is why I hardly ever leave home without putting mascara on. I have always been curious to try on fake lashes because I see girls wear them all the time, but I have always been too chicken to because I know you have to glue them on and I’m afraid that they’ll pull out my real lashes! I don’t want that! But then I heard about Revlon Fantasy Lengths fake eyelashes. They have two types: the Maximum Wear Glue On Lashes and…. the *gasps* eyelashes with Self Adhesive Strips! No glue required!


So I did my research and saw all positive reviews on the product. The only complaint I saw a few times were that the base of the lashes were too long and so people had to trim it to fit their eye. Revlon also mentions this on the box to cut it if it is too long. So I’m all prepared to trim it, but I try it on and… it is actually not long enough for me! I took the pic up top without eyeliner so you can see where it stops. I have come to the conclusion that I have huge eyeballs (no wonder strangers have told me I have ojos tapatíos which I thought was funny because my Mom is from Guadalajara, Jalisco). Anyways, the length was fine for me since I put liquid eyeliner on the top eyelid so you can’t tell where the eyelash starts and ends. I personally loved how easy it was to put the lashes on. The first time I was a little shakey and had to redo it but it was easier after that.

Revlon Fantasy Lengths comes in a great variety of really cute styles. They are very natural looking which would be perfect for those who not only want to wear them for a night out but on a daily basis as well. I recommend these lashes for girls who have no luck with mascara and or eyelash curlers.

Which reminds me… I had a friend’s teen daughter try it because she accidentally CUT OFF some of her eyelashes on one eye because of her terrible eyelash curler. She put the Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes on and she looked fine, it looked like natural eyelashes and the length was perfect by the way she did not have to trim anything off. Another friend tried them on and the length was perfect as well. This particular lady was older and commented that she liked how the lashes covered her sagging eyelids. It made her eyes stand out more and she felt it gave her a more youthful appearance because it covered her eyelids.

When I tweeted that I got Revlon Fantasy Lengths I received this message: “These eyelashes work great! I am a member of the Sun Devil Dance Team at ASU and I have used these lashes for every game. After a long night of performing in front of thousands of sun devil football fans in the Arizona heat, I don’t have to worry because I know my lashes will stay on the entire night while making my eyes stand out to the crowd.”

All in all, I like Revlon Fantasy Lengths. If you want natural long looking lashes and mascara and eyelash curlers aren’t working for you – this is the way to go! Even if you want to change things up a bit with your look you could just wear their different eyelash styles.

I personally feel braver now with fake lashes since I’ve tried Revlon, and now I want to try lashes that are far more dramatic and longgggg.

I’ll just wait until Revlon comes out with those as well 😉

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