Renee Bargh Gets Red Carpet Ready with A 24-Karat Gold Facial!


Extra – Its Oscars weekend and what better way to get red carpet ready then with a facial. Medical esthetician to the stars Renee Lynn shows Extra’s Renee Bargh how to glow with pure gold!


Pure 24 Karat Gold Age Eraser

So how does this Gold Facial work? It turns out that the mineral content of Gold is reparative. Renee Lynn explains that gold plumps up wrinkles and is amazing for dark circles. Prior to applying the gold treatment to the face, dead skin is first removed with an enzyme peel. The skin is then infused with oxygen and collagen and skin impurities are extracted. Finally, gold that is flown in from Germany is applied to the skin. Lynn further explains that the gold actually penetrates into the skin through ultrasound and 85-90% of the gold gets absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.


Check out the technique using pure 24 karat gold and see how it makes a difference in one day, plus find out how to get a facial with diamonds — the Diamond Youth Facial — from esthetician May Baumgartner!

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