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Remington iLight Pro

* Update January 12, 2013
Hi everyone! I said I would do an update but I decided to wait for a longer period of time. My last update was around April 2012. I will try to keep this update short and simple

  • I’ve “zapped” my bikini line, legs, arms and a few other areas but I focused on one area at a time to ensure those areas will get fully treated (i.e. I just did bikini line first for months, after I saw noticeable results I moved onto legs, etc.)
  • The more hair in the area, the more painful it will be — ouch!
  • The hair eventually grows back, but it was not ALL the hair at the same time. It was more sporadic, and easy to manage. But all of the hair did grow back at one time or another
  • I just have to mention that I stayed at my boyfriend’s place for over a week and it was SO GREAT that I did not have to bother shaving while I was there! I cannot stress that enough!
  • I did eventually run out of “zaps” around October, replacing the bulb is easy peasy
  • Hair regrowth is so easy to manage, it hardly comes back and when it does, I just try to remind myself to “zap” the area sometimes during the weekend and follow up again every 2 weeks in the area that I saw some growth
  • A female family friend of mine tried it on her armpits around May-June 2012, she only did 3 treatments, she tells me her armpits still looks lighter (she has pale white skin and her hair is black, so the hair stubs would make her armpits look darker) and she could still see areas where the hair still has not grown back.
  • (I plan on getting her her very own iLight Pro… shhh don’t tell her 😉 )
  • In conclusion, Remington i-Light Pro is still a part of my regimen but lately I’ve only used it about once a month. I just have to decide what area to do next! 🙂

As always if anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

I hate shaving. Years ago I went to a dermatologist and saw that their office offered “permanent” laser hair removal and I ended up making an appointment and had mixed results. Years and years later, I barely have any hair growing back in certain areas that they treated however there are other areas where there was not much of a change. Maybe certain areas of your body need more treatment sessions… but it got to be too pricey for me and I just stopped going.

Now, here I am again looking for that quick fix! Waxing and epilation treatments are too painful for me to do consistently, so I started to look into at home laser hair removal systems. The major laser hair removal systems I found were Remington iLight Pro, TRIA Hair Removal Laser, Silk׳n SensEpil Hair Removal and Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal. It took me a while to figure out which one to get, I looked over the product details and user reviews on Amazon and each product had its praises and complaints. Tria had the most reviews on Amazon, 168, and its average rating was 3 stars. The iLight Pro had 79 reviews and an average of 4 stars, while Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal had 17 reviews and 3 1/2 stars. The Silk’n Flash&Go, which is probably the only at home hair removal system that you could use on your face, had no Amazon reviews.

Price played a major factor in my decision as well (I am a broke graduate student, after all). Remington’s iLight Pro sells for $250, Tria’s Hair Removal Laser is $395, Silk’n SensEpil Home Hair Removal is $500 and Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal is $339. So the reviews plus price played a major part in my decision to get Remington iLight Pro. But do you get what you pay for? I guess we’ll find out.

One thing I did notice is that on the iLight Pro‘s box it says results last 6 months, whereas on the Silk’n website they state “permanent” hair removal. I don’t know if companies can get sued for claiming that their product leads to permanent hair removal when it doesn’t always achieve permanent results, so to me either i-Light Pro is either protecting itself or its laser isn’t as strong as the ones in Silk’n products. Anyways, here is my review on Remington i-Light Pro, I will continually update this blog with my experience since I barely got it about a month ago.

First things first, here’s a video about how i-Light Pro works:

As you can see from the video, those who get the best results are those with fair skin and dark hair. Thank goodness I haven’t been tanning lately! Remington recommends performing treatments every 2 weeks for the first two to three treatments, and then only treating areas that are still having hair growth as needed. Here’s my experience so far:

1st treatment (03/23-03/24)
So I got my iLight Pro on Friday and saw that you should test an area of the skin first to see what type of reactions you get (redness, pain, etc). I left it on the lowest strength and zapped an area of my skin and I really didn’t feel anything. No redness or anything. So I waited until the next day and all was fine, so I increased the strength by 1 more level… zapped… not too bad… increased level again… zapped another area… not bad.. etc so I increased it to the highest level and I definitely felt the “snap” a bit more but it was completely tolerable.

I DID have trouble with the Remington i-Light Pro unit initially and was going to return it. When I used it on Saturday, I did one zap and then the unit kept beeping and could not be used. The Cool Down Mode Indicator icon was flashing, and after looking at the instruction manual that meant the hand piece unit or base unit was too hot and or my room was too warm. So I followed the instructions and waited patiently for the unit to “cool down”, the beeping went away, and thankfully I completed the rest of the treatment without any other interruptions.
I can see how people could be skeptical about these products because it tends to feel like a toy that is just flashing light on your skin, so is it really strong enough to prevent hair from growing back? We’ll see.

Here is a video on how to use the i-Light Pro:

2nd Treatment (2 weeks later: 04/07)
It is still too early to see if this product is working or not, especially since I do shave regularly when I see hair growth. But so far I don’t see any huge change in hair growth, which is to be expected and I know seeing results takes time. Remington also mentioned that sometimes it may look like your hair is still growing but it is actually the hair falling out. So we shall see! Had it set on the highest level. Easy peasy. One thing I will say though is that the skin area I’m treating DOES feel smoother for a longer amount of time, and that could possibly be due to less stubble and or it taking longer for hair to grow back, which is nice. And while it is too soon to say anything, I haven’t had any ingrown hair incidences which is something that irritates my skin regularly and I hope to avoid with this treatment as well.

Since I kept the unit at its highest energy level, I felt the *snap* more when treating and my skin got red. I was told (when I got the ‘professional’ laser treatment) that you feel it more when there’s more hair in that particular area and when it gets the hair. I’m guessing you feel it more when the laser gets the hair while it is in its active growth phase but I could be wrong. There was also that burnt hair smell while treating! Lol. The redness went away within about 5 minutes.

I plan on using this every 2 weeks to try to catch hair in its active growth phase.

Hair Growth Stages


In case you didn’t know, laser hair removal targets hair growth in the Anagen or “growth” phase. In this phase the hair shaft is attached to the papilla so the laser is able to attack the melanin in the shaft and disable the papilla. The length of time of the anagen phase depends on genetics and location on the body (scalp, eyebrows, legs etc).

The Catagen phase occurs after the Anagen stage. In this phase, the hair is ready to shed. Laser treatment offers little benefit in this phase. And the last phase is the Telogen or “resting” phase. In this phase the hair isn’t developing or growing and can’t be treated. The hair shaft is fully detached from the papilla during this phase so the laser can’t attack the melanin in the shaft to disable the papilla.

This is why it is important to be consistent with your laser hair removal treatments and it is recommended to get it done at least every 4-6 weeks.

3rd Treatment (+ 2 weeks later: 04/22)
I just did my 3rd treatment and I am happy to report some good news, and some strange news. The good news is that there is definitely less hair growth… I stopped shaving like I usually would – it’s hard to break that habit – to see if there is a difference and there is a significant amount of hair that is not growing back! But what’s weird is… ok, well I’ll have to explain. My left side used to have more problems as far as hair growth and ingrown hairs. I have like 3 small scars from ingrown hairs that kept coming back in the same spots. My right side of course had hair growth as well but no ingrown hairs. The funny thing is now my left side seems more perfect than my right side and barely has any hair growing back. Whereas my right side is improving as well, but there is this one small area that looked like it had a small group of hair (like 5-10 hairs) growing out. It was so out of place, especially since the rest of my skin was pretty much hairless.

So for the 3rd treatment Remington says that you don’t have to treat the whole area, you could just zap the areas where you see hair growth. So for my now nearly-perfect-hairless left side, I saw only a few hairs in a few spots so I shaved one small area (where there was 1-2 hairs) at a time and zapped the exact spot where I just shaved the hair off. On my right side I zapped the whole area again, since I’m guessing more of those hairs were in the active growth phase again and that was probably why that small group of hair popped up out of nowhere lol.

I’m already very pleased with my purchase. My skin is smoother for a longer amount of time and I see less hair growing back. I can’t say it’s permanent yet since I haven’t been using it that long. The few hairs that do grow back, take much longer to grow back. Just the fact that it is reducing my shaving time makes me very happy. Since I’m already seeing results right now, I’m going to start to treat another area and see how it goes. I don’t want to go crazy and start zapping my whole body though, I want to make sure I effectively treat each area.

I will follow up in 2 more weeks for another update and to let you know if that small group of hairs that mysteriously appeared will be gone lol.
To be continued…
(If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment below)

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7 thoughts on “Remington iLight Pro Hair Removal Review

  • Emily

    I just got the i-light a couple weeks ago, and just did the first session a while back. I was worried about the fuzziness on my legs, but I guess that’s why Remington says something about it feels like it is growing back.

    If this works as you write it does, I’m sure glad I bought this over the no-replacement-lamps Tria.

  • Maria Guerra Post author

    Hi Emily, yes the hairs do have to fall out. Stick with it and I am sure you will see the difference! I rarely “zap” anymore, just for touch ups here and there. Based on reviews I was iffy about the Tria but I am curious about the Silk’n products, will probably try that in the future. Good luck!

  • Amy

    I have a couple questions if you don’t mind. I was wondering if I get this will it be better than shaving or waxing. Will the hair grow back after a whole or will it grow back very light? Is it worth it buy it instead of just waxing?

    Thank you

  • Maria Guerra Post author

    Hi Amy! I personally like it better than waxing and shaving since it is less painful than waxing and it reduces my shaving time. I wouldn’t say ALL of the hair grows back “very light”, it just doesn’t grow back at all for a few months. I just get a few random hairs here and there that pop up, otherwise the hair doesn’t grow back which is what I love.

    I guess it would be preference when it comes to waxing vs shaving. I personally like the convenience of doing things at home, and when I wax at home it tends to be painful and messy lol! I hope that helps a bit, if you have any more questions feel free to let me know!

  • amy

    hey i bought the ilight pro and was wondering if i could use it on my private area? would it be safe ?

  • Maria Guerra Post author

    Hi Amy, Remington I-Light Pro only mentions that you can use it for your bikini line. But if you want to use it around your private area or pubic region… it will sting! I’ve done it. If you do want to try it, definitely use one of the lower levels and maybe take some ibuprofen or Tylenol before you start! It worked for me down there too but yea, it just hurts!

    Oh, and don’t use it on mucous membranes (inner labia, vagina, anus), I would recommend going to a professional to get their advice on removing hair from those more sensitive areas.