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Pomega Natural Skin Care

While flipping through the pages of Body & Soul Magazine I came across a Pomega5 Revitalizing Nourishing Toner product recommendation. I have been in dire need of a new toner and decided to look into Pomega5, which by the way is also available at many Whole Foods markets!

It’s January so winter skin is definitely a problem right now. The low humidity causes skin to lose moisture and becomes very dry. Natural oils that are normally secreted by your skin become depleted and as a result needs to be protected and restored. To fight winter skin you need to moisturize, exfoliate, and protect/restore oils on your skin – thankfully, Pomega5 does all of this.

What I love about Pomega5 is that they have a whole line of natural skin care products that contain pomegranate oil which hydrates and protects your skin. There’s the Pomegranate Cleansing Bar (for face and body) that contains omega-rich olive oil that moisturizes, and pomegranate seed oil that protects and balances your skin. It also has mini-bark particles that gently exfoliate your skin. The Revitalizing Nourishing Toner is plant-based and tones and tightens pores. The Pomega5 Revitalizing Treatment for Skin ampoules is a 100% pure organic skin care product that has countless benefits but what I like is that it also contains candela oil (soothes dry and damaged skin) and jojoba oil (to deeply moisturize your skin).

Pomega5 (of course) also has a moisturizer – Revitalizing Essential Moisture; but their most popular product is their Healing Cream. Made with pomegranate oil, this cream is highly concentrated to heal damaged and irritated skin yet gentle enough to use every day. Pomega5 is a line of safe cosmetics that I believe is safe for all skin types.

What I found most surprising is that Pomegranate seed oil has many health benefits as well. Pomega5 also sells pomegranate supplements available in capsules and not only does it improve your skin’s appearance but research has shown that it also supports breast, uterine, and prostate health among other health benefits. Now that’s what I call being healthy – inside and out!

For more information about natural skin care products visit Pomega5.com.

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