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I love getting my nails done. At one point in time I visited the nail salon religiously, it was a way to pamper myself. I loved the look of french tips (acrylic nails) but realized I was doing more harm then good – the acrylic nails were making my nails thinner and weaker and these routine visits to the nail salon ended up costing me a pretty penny.

Now I do my nails at home. If you want white tips, try painting them on manually or do like a friend of mine suggested: use tape to help you line your white tips, just tape it over your nail and paint over it!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing your nails at home. The only thing missing is that nail polish drying spray that is at every nail salon spot out there. They don’t sell these quick drying sprays at any store and the only options you have are to (1) buy one of those “quick drying” nail polishes or (2) spend $8-12 on small bottles of drying nail sprays like OPI Rapidry Spray, Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry spray, or Gotta Go Quick Dry Nail Polish Spray. (I haven’t tried any, that’s why I’m listing these so that if you’re interested, give it a go and let me know your opinions!)

But why limit yourself to those “quick dry” nail polish colors when you could get any color you want, then buy a $4, 6 ounce bottle of Pam Cooking Spray (say what now?!) to spray on over your nail polish for a faster drying and shiny finish. (Just make sure to spray a few inches away from your nails and don’t go overboard with the spraying… be quick!)

This model, Tierney, swears by it!

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