Outdoor vs. Indoor Makeup Tips


Ever look at yourself in pictures and notice that your makeup looks overdone (ie. clownish) or barely there? If you want to look your best when it comes to makeup you have to consider what your plans are for the day… will you be outside or inside? Lighting and the environment around you can be either flattering or very unforgiving. Natural sunlight in particular can be unforgiving since you can see everything much more clearly as opposed to dim indoor fluorescent lighting. Here are some makeup tips to keep you looking your best under any type of lighting!

Outdoor Makeup Tips

  • Put your makeup on in natural light — not indoor lighting. Sit in front of a window and make sure you are facing natural light when putting on your makeup. Remember, natural light is unflattering, you can look absolutely fabulous under indoor lighting but can look like a hot mess under natural lighting! So make sure you see how everything looks under natural lighting.
  • Prep your skin for the outdoor elements. If you are going to be outside most of the day, chances are that your skin is going to get a bit oily and sweaty. Make sure you have blotting paper on hand with you to absorb oil. There are many good oil absorbing sheets out there, some more pricier than others. I am personally fine with Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.
  • Before putting on makeup, use a skin primer that absorbs excess moisture. The primer will also allow your foundation to stay on seamlessly.
  • Keep your makeup looking as natural, soft and neutral as possible. Use sheer foundation and apply it sparingly and only where needed if possible. Use only soft shades of blush.
  • Use concealer with a bit of highlighter under your eyes. The sun overhead can cause shadows under your eyes but remember, keep it light!
  • For the eyes, use gel eyeliners and gel or cream eyeshadows. These will blend easier and are more flattering in natural light than a sharp set line from a pencil or liquid eyeliner. It is also best to use lighter colors to look more open and awake. If you usually wear black eyeliner, at least switch to brown colors such as mahogany.

Indoor Makeup Tips

  • When indoors you can go ahead and apply your foundation all over your face and neck (to avoid mask-lines). Since dim lighting can flush out colors of the skin and make neutral colors look dull, feel free to use brighter shades for your cheeks, lips and eyes. Contouring will work here as well.
  • For the eyes, you can go crazy here. Go ahead and wear those deeper shades of eyeliner and eyeshadow like charcoal, navy and the ever-so-popular black eyeliner!

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