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Pantene Curly Hair

For those who haven’t heard, I’m in the process of growing my curly hair out again after relaxing it for over 10 years. I was a bit hesitant at first but after doing some research online it seems like there are tons of better products out there now in comparison to my grade-school days! It looks like many companies have finally figured out what the issues are with curly hair and what curly haired girls want – and Pantene Pro-V is one of them!

It turns out that the natural twists of curly hair can cause cuticles to weaken and lift. The cuticle is the outer layer of your hair that is made of individual scales that lay against one another. The cuticle is what is supposed to be flat and protect the inside of your hair against damage as well as keep moisture in your hair. This is why it is important to keep the cuticle of your hair closed to retain moisture (and avoid frizz)! This is a problem all curly haired girls deal with since the curls of our hair tend to weaken hair cuticles.

And if that wasn’t enough, curly hair is said to have the highest number of fiber-to-fiber interactions which causes friction and damage. Thankfully Pantene came out with their Curly Hair Series products that have ingredients to control the movement of moisture in and out of the hair shaft. Their products also lubricate hair to minimize damage caused by the high number of fiber interactions.

I was lucky enough to receive some Curly Hair Series products by Pantene Pro-V and I can definitely see the difference with my hair. Their Dry to Moisturized Shampoo and Conditioner helps to retain moisture in your hair to keep your hair from getting frizzy! They also have a detangler, the Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Light Conditioning Detangler, that conditions and moisturizes your hair while detangling it! You have to be gentle when you brush your hair to prevent further damage and this detangler is absolutely the way to go.

Pantene Pro-V’s Curl Shaping Gel and Curl Enhancing Spray Gel are basic hair products that every curly haired girl should have. Both can be used when your hair is wet or dry, both tame frizz and both keep your curls looking fresh all day.

And finally, the life savers of the bunch: Pantene Pro-V Deep Moisturizing Treatment and Professional Level Damage Repair Ampoules. Remember how I mentioned the cuticles earlier? Well Pantene Pro-V’s Deep Moisturizing Treatment helps to seal and smooth the cuticle, allowing for better control of your hair’s moisture. Like any deep conditioning product, you should use this once a week after you shampoo and leave it on for 5 minutes (according to instructions). I have a tendency to leave it on a bit longer to be honest with you, and when I have time I even throw a heating cap over it since warm and moist heat opens the cuticles of your hair and allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair cuticle even more in my opinion.

The Professional Level Damage Repair Ampoules does just that – repairs damage. I haven’t had a hair cut in a while and I have some split ends and this product is really helping with that! This product repairs cuticles and strengthens your hair and you also leave this on for 5 minutes after shampooing. It’s supposed to be an “as needed” type of hair treatment for when you go crazy with your curling iron and blow dryer but if you want to use it regularly, it is recommended to use it about every 2-3 days.

I’m really happy about how everything is coming out with my hair, and I’m finding that dealing with my curly hair isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be! I mean, it’s different, but it’s doable. I know now that curly hair tends to get DRY so it is a must to deep condition weekly!

Now that I have the basic products I need, I think I just need to find a good hair stylist that could cut curly hair and I’ll be good to go 🙂

Oh and feel free to check out Pantene Pro-V’s Curly Hair Series products by clicking here! People have left reviews on their website as well so you don’t have to take my word for it, and GOOD LUCK!

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