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There’s a new product coming out this month, Latisse, that has been shown to make lashes thicker, longer and darker. You could only get Latisse by prescription through a doctor. I must say that I am very impressed with the before and after photo which is why I chose to look into this product that is, by the way, FDA approved and created by the makers of the ever-so-popular Botox: Allergan Inc.

Latisse Before and After
Latisse Before & After photo courtesy of Allergan

When people ask me what is the one make-up item I can’t live without – I always say mascara. I love my mascara (Full N Soft by Maybelline). So when I heard about Latisse I thought “I can make my lashes even more longer now? SWEET!” But after doing a little research, and this isn’t even considering the price, I wouldn’t use it… at least not yet.

So how much will all of this cost? The word out in the media right now is that a full month’s supply of Latisse will cost around $120. You use the product once a day (upper lashes only) with their disposable applicators. There is a worry that people will try to use the product more than directed – doing so will NOT make your eyelashes grow faster! The way Latisse works is that it keeps your eyelashes in the hair growth phase (the phase where hair becomes thicker, longer, and darker) longer.

Latisse Instructions

What gets me with the whole money thing is that a month’s supply might be around $120, and it can take up to about 8 weeks (2 months, around $240) to start seeing results and you’ll get your best results in 16 weeks (4 weeks, around $480). And not only that, if you stop using the product your eyelashes will gradually go back to it’s original, genetically-determined state within weeks or months. So the results are not permanent, you have to keep it up.

I’m on a budget so my $7 mascara will suffice for the time being. But if money weren’t an issue would I use it? Still no… not yet.

Ok so Latisse can have some side effects such as an itching sensation in the eyes or eye redness, but this was fairly uncommon (only 4% of those tested had those side effects). That’s no biggie. Skin darkening can also occur around the area where Latisse is applied but it can be reversed if you stop using the product and can be prevented by blotting excess solution after you apply the product. You can also grow hair in other areas (once again, blot!) but what is crazy to me is how Latisse may cause your iris (the colored part of your eye) to gradually get darker. The entire iris or parts of the iris become more brownish/darker, and is likely to be PERMANENT and not reversible. It’s harmless, but permanent. Sorry, I’m not into permanent side effects, even if there’s a slight possibility that it might happen. They didn’t show what percentage of testers had this side effect.

I would wait to see the long term outcome and side effects of Latisse users. And I’d wait to see if they could do anything about the whole iris darkening thing.

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17 thoughts on “Latisse for Fuller, Thicker, Longer & Darker Eyelashes

  • Bella

    I must say — this seems indeed expensive. I am blessed with long eyelashes; but can you imagine the $$$ you would have to spend just for upkeep?? *gasp*
    Let’s see how the users of Latisse fare!!!

  • admin Post author

    @Bella Yes, upkeep will be crazy expensive. It will be interesting to see what they are saying about this product at the end of the year. Let’s just sit back and watch from the sidelines!

    @Rolando Lol I’m sure men could use it too but I don’t think you need it 😛 And me model? You are way too kind lol.

  • Shaune

    The most common side effects after using LATISSEâ„¢ solution are an itching sensation in the
    eyes and/or eye redness. This was reported in approximately 4% of patients. LATISSEâ„¢
    solution may cause other less common side effects which typically occur on the skin close to
    where LATISSEâ„¢ is applied, or in the eyes. These include skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness
    of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids.

  • latisse

    Latisse works! After 16 weeks of initial period, you can use 2-3 drops a week to maintain it. It is expensive but it is the only FDA approved eyelash growth product.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been using this product for a couple months. The eyelash growth is remarkable! I did use it on my lower lashes at first, before I realized that we weren’t supposed to. I got some “extra” lashes outside the lash line, which didn’t really bother me, but they went away within a couple weeks after I stopped doing that. It is expensive, but – I found that after the initial growth “spurt” (only about two weeks, no lie) I didn’t have to use the stuff every night. 2-3 times a week was enough to maintain the growth. I stopped using it on my eyelids at all because of the worry about darkening my (green) eyes. For the record, in the time I used it, I didn’t see darkening of either the skin or the iris; I’m just being extra cautious! If I had brown eyes already, then I’d definitely keep using it. Since I stopped, my eyelashes have gotten a bit thinner, but they aren’t invisible like they were before. Before, I couldn’t even make them visible with mascara! Also, it’s recommended that the product not be used anywhere but on your upper lash line, because it could make hair grow. I had lost a *lot* of hair in my eyebrows due to a thyroid problem. My doctor told me it would not grow back, and for a couple years it didn’t. When I started using Latisse, I started using it on my eyebrows too. Well, it worked. My eyebrows are almost as thick as they were before the thyroid thing happened. I’m still using it on my eyebrows, and I plan to keep on using it! Let’s be real, though – this isn’t strictly a cosmetic product – this is a drug, a medicine, that’s been relabeled because of the positive side effect on lashes. It is still the same drug. Allegan reported a study (in the box insert) that showed no one in the cosmetic test group (the people only putting it on their lids and not dropping it in their eyes) had gotten iris darkening. That’s encouraging news, but I’m still going to be cautious – wait a couple years and see what happens to other peoples’ eyes!

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Wow thanks for sharing that Elizabeth! I haven’t heard from many people who used the product. I’m definitely curious about it… but like you said… I want to wait a couple of years to see what happens with others eyes.

    Love how you used it on your eyebrows. I know someone who might benefit from that, since she overplucked her brows at a young age and they never really grew back… thanks for sharing!

  • latisseuser


    I have been using latisse for 9 weeks now – its awesome. I have had great results. I would also rec. trying this online ordering site…M.D. backed/reviewed and a great price – $89/bottle only – so takes the edge of the price issue as well. The site is

  • Paul

    I was just wandering, does anyone know if you can just apply this to your lower lashes? I am a male and i have very long (and prominent) upper lashes but very short (and not very prominent) lower lashes. I do not need any improvement on my upper lashes as they will become freakishly long if they grew longer. So i was wandering can i just apply Latisse to my lower lashes?

  • flora40

    Hi all –

    I’ve been using Latisse for about 6 weeks now, and already the results are amazing! I’ve had no side effects and I have green eyes. But I just read that the iris color change was never seen in the clinical trial of Latisse – it was only seen (and rarely) when it was used as a glaucoma medication.

    I found a great site online for Latisse for only $89!! – and got a $20 Manufacturer mail in rebate too – (so it only cost me $69.) It came with all the sterile applicators and is the real thing.I got it at – it is a physician supervised site. They require a medical history at the same time when you place your order. I called, and checked them out – and they couldn’t be nicer! Fast processing too – they shipped the very next day! has lots of great information too. The FAQ page answers all the topics discussed here.- Yes, men can use it too!

    The results though are really amazing – My friends are using it now too – I think it’s great to finally have a product that actually delivers on its promise! I’m trying the Vivite Lip Plumper next…hope it does as well as Latisse does!

  • Kellly

    My iris darkened and I had no brown in my eyes so I just want people to know that it does happen and it is scary. The iris continues to darken after you discontinue the product which is even worse. I hope they come out with some sort of reversal. It is horrible.

  • Bonnie Chow

    I was scared of Latisse at first. My eye doctor at Lens Crafters was really good about letting me know about the product and the side effects. I did find out that they had some reactions during clinicals but almost no one has reported any side effects now. I tried it. My mom was not happy about it either.

    It actually worked. I am now using it every other day which saves me a lot of money. It took about four months to get results and I am so happy. My lashes are long and dark. Pretty cool and my boyfriend loves it.

    Since we are sharing where we get our Latisse also, I get mine from and I love the experience there. They give me brilliant distinctions points so I get to save after every two bottles I buy. I think the last time I got it from them I paid about $75 per bottle. Not bad. Has anyone else used these guys? If you do, ask to talk to a doctor, they make them available and that made up my mind for me.

    I love Latisse though!

  • sharon

    latisse works well but the main disadvantage for me is the is expensive. there is another eye drop solution namely lumigan , which contains the same bimatoprost that is present in latisse. this lumigan is also giving thicker and beautiful eyelashes and the price is very affordable . i got this lumigan from and i am totally satisfied with the results and best of all, i am only spending a fraction of the cost , that i spend for latisse.

  • Amanda N

    I have personally used Latisse for 5 years and can’t imagine my life without it. I am a natural blonde with blue eyes and my lashes were literally invisible!!! After a few weeks of using Latisse my lashes were longer and thicker. I still use mascara but only one coat, just for color. I found a website that has amazing prices, ships directly to my home and they get their Latisse directly from the manufacturer. I would love to get the truth about Latisse as there are sooo many women that this product can benefit. My aunt who is going through chemotherapy is in love with Latisse as well. Who knows how many women could have a higher confidence level with such a small little change to their eyes!!! Also I would love to share the site with the ladies, the discounts are great and the process is simple. I saw your review and wanted you to also know that after you achieve your desired result from Latisse you can go to only using this product every other day. I spend on average about $100 every three to four months now. Also, for the eye changing color fear……Latisse was originally used as a glaucoma medication dropped directly into the eye. During trials the people with brown eyes had noticed that the brown became darker, there was no effect on the blue, green, hazel eyes, only brown. Since the medication is being used on the skin and not dropped directly into the eyes the risk is dramatically decreased. Latisse has come a long way in the last few years!!!!

  • Blaine

    Ok I’m definitely scared of the permanent side effects of latisse, especially the change in iris pigmentation. I’m not sure that sacrificing my blue eyes is worth it for longer lashes.