How to Look Fabulous in Your 20s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s


Whenever people talk about beauty and aging they always discuss the obvious – skin care and wrinkles. Well, what about hair? I received some tips from Flavio Oliveira who is the owner and master stylist of Mode A Salon in New York and guess what ladies… you DON’T necessarily have to cut your hair as you get older! Check out Flavio Oliveira’s tips for each age group below.

How to Look Fabulous in Your 20s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s From Flavio Olivera and Mode A Salon

Flavio Oliveira, owner and master stylist of Mode A Salon in Bronxville, New York suggests flawless styles for women of all ages. Age is but a number and hair is a woman’s best accessory – Flavio helps you look your best and feel most youthful with simple hairstyles designed to take you through the decades!

The twenty-something female has so many opportunities to explore her independence through fashion, beauty, lifestyle and career. The way a woman in her twenties expresses herself is creatively, whether she has long, medium or short hair. For this on-the-go age group, the transition from day to evening can be as simple as styling a short do’ with a few bobby pins, styling a medium do’ with a low chignon or a half up/down do’ and with long hair, play around with a modified bun, braids, a messy ponytail and so many more.

With the doors of life wide open, women in their twenties love to express themselves and the most noticeable way is through her hair. She can wear it down for daytime classes and style it in a few minutes for a fun evening look that doesn’t have to take hours of styling.

As women approach their thirties, they want to convey a more polished and elegant look. Oftentimes, they become more exigent with their appearance. A mid length haircut can revive self-confidence by re-introducing personal style.

Women with a mid length haircut can still play around with different textures from sleek and straight during the day to wavy or curly for evening styles. Clip on extensions can be used to add length and drama. A half up/down do’ is a lovely casual look for medium length hair.

For women in their thirties who have longer hair, Flavio suggests to make a quick braid. Twist only half the braid into a bun and let the rest fall beautifully down the back.

These styles are quick and require minimal effort, perfect for the busy thirty-something.

As a woman approaches and gets into her forties, gray hair does too (sometimes, perhaps even before). These steps outline the proper techniques to guarantee flawless hairstyle from day to evening, keeping up confidence and a youthful appearance.

Start with a mid length haircut with shorter layers and a vibrant hair gloss. This boosts volume and creates a formal look. To ensure results, it’s important to develop confidence in a hair stylist.

For voluminous at-home styling, after blow drying, use the dryer all over, making adjustments and use hair spray on the roots for all-day volume.

For a more casual look, Flavio suggests a foundation moisturizing product such as Smooth Velours by L’Oreal. Using Velcro rollers, blow dry hair. Remove rollers and brush hair smooth. Finish with light pomade for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Just because a woman turns fifty, doesn’t mean she should cut her hair short. Women in their fifties are beautiful, sexy and more stylish than ever. To enforce confidence, the ultimate hairstyle is mid length cut with some layers or bangs.

For a refined style add a radiant gloss over the natural hair color with a few highlights around the face for luminosity. A straight blow dry during the day easily transitions to evening by adding soft curls.

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