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People often ask me where I tan since I usually tweet when I am going to the salon. I understand how hard it is to find a good tanning salon especially since there are tanning salons everywhere these days. Not to mention the bad experience some of us have had at some salons with people nagging you to purchase their most pricey package and then bombard you with tanning products that they also want you to buy. I totally get it… that’s why I decided to blog about it!

I go to Hollywood Tans

Kristia Bonita and Hollywood Tans | Kristia Krueger

[Yea there’s paparazzi waiting for you when you’re done tanning…
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haven’t been to that salon but definitely would like to check it out one day!)

I love Hollywood Tans and I will tell you why. First of all… they have stand up tanning booths which are far much better than tanning beds. People often get uneven tans and or white spots because of the tanning bed. Basically it is because you are laying down and certain parts of your body are in contact with the tanning bed, creating pressure points. As a result you are reducing blood flow to these areas and the UV rays absorbs differently in those areas in comparison to the rest of your body which isn’t in contact with the tanning bed. And speaking of touching tanning beds, can you say SANITATION? Yes I’m sure there are reputable salons out there who regularly clean their beds, but why risk it? Especially knowing some people tan in the nude! You do not have to worry about that in a booth.

I also love Hollywood Tans because of the shorter tanning times. I’m in there for only 10 minutes although they do have a better 8 minute booth as well. They also have a spray tan option available, which is by the very popular Mystic Tan. The Instant Tan powered by Mystic is a UV Free way of tanning for those who can not tan in booths or just want a healthier tan. It mists your body with premium bronzers, moisturizers and delayed color for a beautiful natural looking tan.

And finally, there are Hollywood Tans across the U.S. so if you happen to be a member, not only do you get unlimited tans but if you travel you can go to any local Hollywood Tans and not have to pay the full price for a tan.

My Tanning Experience

I have been tanning at Hollywood Tans for over a year already. I went for the first time in January last year because I had a coupon for a free tan. The people at my Hollywood Tans are great (ask me which one I go to if you want). It is a very relaxing environment and the workers there never bug and have actually been really honest about saving me money. They never pushed the priciest options on me. I used to have a membership but now I buy tanning sessions. I just bought 20 sessions which will last me almost another year since I tan 1 to 2 times a month. I tan in the HT-54 booth for 10 minutes. It’s great, there’s a fan in the booth that you turn on while tanning so you don’t get too hot! And you can blast the music in your booth as well, my place has XM radio. Not sure if that’s a standard for all Hollywood Tans… I think it might be. (Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong!)

Anyways, then after I’m done tanning they have a room in the back with pretty smelling lotions, sprays, deodorant, blow dryer, curling irons… just everything lol! Everything that you need to look and feel your best before heading out. Highly recommended.

Check out HollywoodTans.com or HollywoodTansMDR.com for more information.

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