Perfectly Paired Holiday Hair and Nails

Perfectly Paired Holiday Hair and Nails
By Marc Anthony Hair Care

Toronto – We want you to shine hard this holiday season and look pulled together with an apparent ease that implies you own it. For this we’ve paired our favorite holiday hair with our most coveted mani in a perfect duo for any holiday occasion. From the glam-rock princess to the artistically chic to the simple sophisticate, explore self-expression!

The glam rock ‘n’ roll vibe. It has so many things to love: sexy hair, kohled eyes and lips that say “I dare you”. This modern look needs hair with shine; lots of it.


The tousled wave
Don’t forget to add an oil like Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter for shine. Then use a wave/curl boosting product like Dream Waves Beach Spray or Strictly Curls Styling Foam to give this bad girl look the texture it needs. If you want to add some extra perfection curl random sections with a large barrel curling iron.

Match the nails
For the forever bad girl black never goes out of style. To keep it more current, start with two coats of black polish, then brush a thin layer of gold concentrating on the tips. Brush it downwards to about halfway down the nails. Repeat only at the tips to create a gradient effect.

The art gallery girl: she seems to know what’s next before social media does. Her brand of cool is uncontrived yet put together. This look is about attitude not about being loud. Keeping hair simple allows you to shine the brightest.


The full volume blowout
Prep with Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse for a bit of oomph. Blow dry with a large natural bristle round brush, pinning up each piece as they are dry. Once dry, remove the pins, flip over and spray 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo to your roots for an extra volume boost.

Match the nails
For the artsy and adventurous a graphic nail is the way to go. Start with a mint green base, and using a black striper polish, run a few straight lines on your nails. The best part is they don’t have to be uniform.

The simple sophistication of straight hair. There is an elegance we adore.


The simple straight
Prep with a smoothing product like Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Cream then blow dry straight with a paddle brush. Try to avoid a bend at the ends to keep a more modern finish. Add a bit of Argan Oil Treatment to protect the hair and flat iron while holding the hair out at a 90° angle so that there is a sense of fullness to the finish. Finish with Hairspray for extra hold and shine.

Match the nails
Square nails are so over and done with. Oval tips are what it’s all about. For a touch of sophistication, go with a taupe nude. It is definitely more interesting than your regular nude mani, while still keeping those fingers looking chic.

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Model and product images credit to Marc Anthony Cosmetics Inc.
Nail images credit to Wendy Rorong, Plutino Group

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