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I Want Candy (colored hair)

Fashionista Dr. Ngozi Etufugh gives some sweet tips on how to rock the candy colored hair look


Some summers are fond of blonde, while others can’t forget the brunette. But this summer the trend is a special treat- candy-colored hair. Fashion blogger Dr. Etufugh dishes the scoop on how to wear it like a pro:

  • Pick a color you like and can wear easily. Stick to a “neutral” pastel color such as pink, peach, blue, violet, mint, etc. as it will be easier to match your clothes and accessories with a softer color.
  • candy-colored-hair

  • Stick to one shade of color. If you want to get creative and dye your hair two different colors, be sure the colors blend well together such as blue and purple or blue and pink. Don’t go for more than two colors.
  • Make sure the color complements your skin tone. Your skin tone is the basis to your hair, so you want to make sure they complement one another. Does your skin have warm, more yellowish tone or does it have cool, more pinkish tone? The more contrast between your hair color and skin tone, the more dramatic your look will appear. If you choose a hair color that is similar to your eye color or complements it, the combination will give a more natural look. It all depends on the look you are going for, not everyone wants the natural look.
  • Consider different ways to highlight the hair. Think about whether you want to dye your hair one solid color or highlight it. Ombre gives a more natural blend in which starts with a darker color at the root of the hair to a lighter finish at the end using the same color tone.
  • Make a consultation with a hairdresser. Choosing a hair color can be difficult and terrifying at the same time. If you’re permanently dying your hair, you want to make sure you speak to your hairdresser about the color as well as the safest way to do it.

Fashion tips for candy- colored hair

Ever thought about your wardrobe and how it would look with your new candy hair color? Do your clothes have to match the hair? Although you don’t need to completely change your wardrobe, there are still some things to keep in mind when putting together an outfit. Dr. Etufugh shares with us what looks work best with candy-colored hair.

  • Contrast is key. The lighter the color of your hair the darker the clothes should be and vice versa. This will allow your hair color to stand out which is what you want to achieve.
  • Nicole Richie purple hair

  • Metallic colors. Metallic colors, especially gold and silver, match with almost any color. Metallic colors will really accentuate your hair. It will even look best to wear a metallic color that matches your hair!
  • Complementary colors. Think of a color wheel and colors that complement each other like blue and orange or purple and yellow. Use colors in your outfit that are complementary to the color of your hair.
  • Avoid patterns with multiple colors. When wearing patterns, stick to patterns with the same color tone. This way your hair won’t get lost in all the colors and will allow your hair to become the main focus instead.
  • Hoodies. Wearing a hoodie will allow the front pieces of your hair to frame your face. This pop of color coming out of the hood will really allow your hair to stand out. This look, of course, is for a more casual rocker/ chic outfit.

How to accessorize with candy-colored hair

Kesha rainbow color hair

  • Limit accessories. You won’t need to accessorize as much anymore because your hair color is your number one accessory.
  • Colored eye lashes/ mascara. Consider using colored eye lashes or mascara that match your hair.
  • Match your nails and makeup. You don’t want to look like clown with too many different shades of color on your face, so try using the same shades of color as your hair to match your makeup and nails. This will make great accents to match your outfit.

Maintaining your Hair

To get candy-colored hair, you most likely have to bleach your hair. Bleaching your hair eliminates natural oils causing more breakage. Here’s what Dr. Etufugh has to say about restoring the health of your hair after bleaching.

  • It is better to wash your hair with cold water. The colder the better.
  • Use sulfate and paraben free shampoo.
  • Twice a week use deep a conditioning treatment for your hair.
  • Avoid washing your hair everyday. Try to go some time between washes. If your hair gets dirty easily, try dry shampoo- it can be a lifesaver.
  • Put vinegar in your hair after dying it. Research shows that applying vinegar to freshly dyed hair can help the color hold better.
  • Limit the use of heating tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons.
  • Use hair serums. Hair serums coat your hair and protect it from the heat caused when styling it. It also prevents everyone’s worst nightmare: frizz!

Alternatives to permanently dying your hair

Dying your hair can be fun and exciting or scary and traumatic. You’ve probably heard the stories, the good and the bad ones. But just because you might be a little scared to take the risk in dying your hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look. Here are some alternatives for temporary hair dying methods.

  • Hair Chalking. Hair chalking is a quick, simple and an inexpensive alternative to dying your hair. You can do it yourself at home and it washes out.
  • Clip-on color hair extensions. These extensions will add that pop of color to your hair without the damage.

This summer, get ready to look deliciously chic with Dr. Etufugh’s tantalizing tips.

About Ngozi Etufugh,

ihenaewu in the Igbo language means what is reigning, what is of the moment, what is happening? Fashion as a whole is constantly looking forward. To keep up one must have style. Welcome to my blog. I am a fierce risk taker when it comes to fashion. I believe every day is an excuse to get dressed up. Evoking visual fantasy is my overall style. It is my hope and wish that you get inspired to take bold risks in your personal style, as well.

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