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Caress Whipped Souffle White Peach Cream

Hello! Those that follow me on Twitter already know about stuff I love that I have tried or have been using so I am doing this post today for those who aren’t in the know! I have been using the NEW Caress body washes and they are amazing! The cute bottles caught my attention and I received and absolutely love Caress’ Whipped Souffle White Peach Cream Ultra Silkening Body Wash (which is in that lovely photo I took above lol!) and Caress Velvet Bless Silkening Body wash. Caress also has other great new products, including the Blackberry Cream Whipped Souffle Body Wash that ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ two time champion Julianne Hough happens to love! Check out the video below where Julianne Hough gives out some tips to prepare for a great night out:

Julianne Hough also gave an additional 3 great tips to get the best looking skin:
1. Buff. To flaunt fab skin in the city, use a pumice stone to treat dry spots, like elbows and heels.
2. Hydrate. Boost your water intake – it will help you feel refreshed and vibrant all night long.
3. Indulge. Before you hit the town, maximize your shower and make skin flaunt-worthy with the new Caress Whipped Soufflés. These ultra-light, yet creamy body washes deliver both incredible fragrances and moisturization in one.

Caress Velvet Bliss Silkening body wash

I definitely agree with Julianne’s tips and using either Caress’ Blackberry Cream (whipped with Blackberry and Vanilla Essence) Souffle Body Wash, White Peach Cream (whipped with White Peach and a blend of Silk Blossom) Souffle Body Wash, and or Caress Velvet Bliss (with Blackberry and Vanilla Essence) Silkening Body Wash is the ideal way to get clean while being pampered at the same time. Each body wash comes with a wonderful fragrance and has a blend of moisturizers that leave your skin velvety soft and luxuriously silky.

I love these products because body washes that have a great fragrance are usually lacking in the cleansing/moisturizing arena. You know what I’m talking about, those body washes don’t lather well in the shower and your skin usually ends up kind of dry afterward. On the other hand I have also used body washes that moisturize your skin but you don’t feel pampered. Caress’ Whipped Souffles and Velvet Bliss offers both great lively scents while moisturizing your skin at the same time… LOVE!

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