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In my first Bare Minerals post I mentioned that I would blog about what I would NOT recommend from Bare Minerals based on my experience. Well… here is that post!

While I do love Bare Minerals (especially since they are now being sold at Macys and Nordstroms, so go try it ladies!), there are a couple of things I would stay away from.

BareMinerals Flawless Face Case

Flawless Face Case

Once I started using bare Minerals I immediately searched for something to carry my Bare Minerals makeup in. I ordered the Flawless Face Case. It had everything I wanted: a mirror, brush and a spot for Bare Minerals makeup. I was hoping it would be something that would replace my compact mirror. It didn’t.

Flawless Face Case is a little too bulky for me, and messy! You lock your BareMinerals product in but it doesn’t always stay in. So when you open the case at times you get a makeup “POOF” surprise. I see little dust of my makeup all over, even on the mirror.

The only thing I absolutely love about this product is the Baby Buki Brush. I don’t carry the Flawless Face Case around anymore, but when I find something better I will take the Baby Buki Brush with me.

* They now have a “mini” version of Flawless Face Case, called Beauty On-The-Go. Don’t know what to make of it. Order at your own risk lol.

Bare Minerals Expandable Makeup Bag

So what have I been using?
I bought the Expandable Makeup Bag. It’s more practical for me. I put all three brushes in and all of my Bare Minerals makeup (foundation, Warmth all over face color, and Mineral Veil). I got the Expandable Makeup Bag in black but they also have some stylish alternatives!

bare Minerals Club

I was in the bare Minerals Club where they sent 2 foundations and a mineral veil every 2 months. I quickly noticed that I was not using that much makeup and the new foundation started piling up. So I changed the time interval for the next delivery to the maximum time they allowed… it was still too soon for me.

Bare Minerals Makeup

What I learned is that if you buy the foundation separately, it is cheaper (in my case at least) and the size of the container is larger when you buy it on its own. The size of the foundation you get in the bare Minerals Club is 2g (.06 oz); the foundation you get when you buy it separately is 9g (0.3 oz)… huge difference! So, instead of paying what.. about $45 for the membership, getting 2 small foundations that totals 4g, and Mineral Veil of the same size… when I really didn’t need the product yet anyways since I wasn’t finished with the makeup I had already… I opted to go for the $25, 9g foundation that you could buy separately and only when needed.

If you like the smaller sized container to carry it around then save it and transfer some makeup from the larger container into the smaller one 🙂

BareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper

bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper

Is the Skin Rev-er Upper worth it? It apparently “rejuvenates your complexion like a daily multivitamin supplement with the added benefits of botanicals, glycolic and salicylic acids to prepare skin for flawless application.” You use it before applying makeup. I ran out of this product a few weeks ago and honestly… I don’t see a difference. And I use a toner twice a day, so… I think I’m good without this product. If I discover otherwise… I’ll update this.

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2 thoughts on “BareMinerals Products I Don’t Recommend

  • Marty Douglas

    I just started using Bare Minerals and was thinking about purchasing the Refillable brush for the face powder and maybe one for the blush. After reading the reviews I think some people are having trouble getting it out. Have you used it and do you think its worth the $29? Maybe Target or some drugstores have a cheaper version that works just as well. What is your opinion. Thanks, Marty

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi Marty!

    Unfortunately I have not tried the Refillable brush yet. I’m kind of hesitant to try it based on past experience and that price. Plus I’m not in dire need of space in my bag so I personally do not plan on getting it any time in the near future. If you really need the extra space, go for it and try it out. But just buy one – don’t buy 2 unless you’re really happy with it!