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Photo: model Nada Adelle

As you know all may know, I’m finally letting my hair grow out curly. It’s been fun, and I feel like I’m doing an experiment every day. (Sometimes I fail… horribly). But thankfully there are tons of resources out there now that have been guiding me on what to do and what NOT to do with my curly hair. They didn’t have all of this information when I was younger, but now I am receiving tips left and right and I am slowly learning how to tame my curls. An expert in the field is Mahisha Dellinger, who is the founder and CEO of CURLS, a company that specializes in organic hair-care products for naturally curly hair. Read on to see what she says about curly hair and for curly hair care tips!

“Many people with naturally curly hair get frustrated with it,” said Mahisha Dellinger, founder and CEO of CURLS. “But this is simply because they have not learned about the best ways to take care of it. When you take steps to properly care for your curls, you will end up loving them.”

Here are 5 tips for caring for naturally curly hair:

  1. Start right. Be sure that you have good products to take care of your hair. Having the right products from the start, including shampoos and conditioners, will make a big difference in how the hair turns out.
  2. Heat treat. For those with curly hair, it’s recommended that that they deep-heat treat their hair at least once a week. This should be done with a quality deep conditioner and hair therapy wrap, as it will help replace the moisture and keep curls from looking dry and frizzy.
  3. Shampoo correctly. Avoid the urge to wash hair frequently, which will just dry it out. Shampoo less often, especially during the colder months, in order to help retain natural oils.
  4. Maintain well. Having healthy, beautiful curls is a result of proper maintenance of them. Those with naturally curly hair should moisturize daily, shampoo properly, and use the right creams to achieve the style they want.
  5. Style right. Try to avoid doing things like pulling the hair back in a tight pony tail, which will stress it. While it’s okay to pull the hair back, it’s important to use holders that will not damage the hair or pull it too tightly.

“With multi-ethnic hair, especially, a lot of people are not sure what they need to do to get the style and look they want,” added Dellinger. “By following the tips above, healthy, gorgeous curly hair is within their reach.”

For more information about the award winning Curls line visit their website at www.curls.biz.

Oh and the photo up top is of the stunning model Nada Adelle, who has no relation to the Curls line of products but I think she arguably has the best curls on the planet, check her out at www.nadaadellex.com

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