5 Ingredients Lurking in Beauty Products That Should Be Avoided


I received this information a while ago and felt that it was very important to share with everyone. There are so many beauty products out there set up in beautiful sparkling packages that promise to make you look your best. But beware, not all products are created equal. The truth is, some of the products that you love can be negatively affecting the state of your skin and hair.

Through extensive research, EnvyDerm High Performance Cosmetics discovered which ingredients may cause harm in the long run. Avoiding such ingredients all together, EnvyDerm brings all-natural products to your eyes and lips using healthy and rare elements that have been overlooked by other cosmetic companies.

What ingredients has EnvyDerm purposefully overlooked for your safety? EnvyDerm High Performance Cosmetics wants to make you aware of 5 ingredients you want to avoid in your eye and lip products:

1) Parabens– In cosmetics, parabens are specifically used to prevent the growth of microbes, but they can be absorbed through the skin, mimic estrogen and could play a role in the development of breast cancer.

2) Synthetic Fragrances– Studies have shown that fragrances are one of the top five most common allergens and frequently cause asthma attacks. Shockingly, companies do not have to tell you what ingredients are in their scents because fragrances are a trade secret.

3) Sulfates– Sulfates are compounds of sulfuric acid that work to irritate as well as dry out the skin. This is problematic because you should want to moisturize your skin, not dry it out.

4) Phthalates– Without knowing it you might be wearing an ingredient commonly used to make plastic more flexible. Studies have shown that Phthalates are reproductively and developmentally harmful and have contributed to an array of birth defects.

5) Triclosan– Triclosan is an anti-microbacterial disinfectant that kills harmful microorganisms and is used to lengthen shelf life. Triclosan can pass through the skin and interfere with certain hormone functions like endocrine and can be irritating to the skin and eyes.

Keep an eye out for these ingredients next time you shop for beauty products. I usually look for products that stress that they are “paraben free”, etc. Happy shopping!

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