Monthly Archives: September 2008

P90X Intro 13

A few weeks ago my brother asked me what I thought about P90X. My response: P90 what? Never heard of it! He told me it was a workout program that he heard was really good. And, knowing that I don’t have a gym membership and often get tired of doing […]

P90x Fitness Guide and Nutrition Plan

Digsby – IM, Email & Social Network Application 2

I decided to blog about an application I use on a daily basis – Digsby. What is Digsby? A time-saver, especially for people like me! One username and password gives me access to all of my e-mail, instant messenger, and social networking accounts. Digsby is an application that allows you […]

Indoor Tanning vs Sunless Self Tanning 9

I tanned this weekend! It was much needed and I felt great afterwards. I do indoor tanning in a stand up booth. Now I don’t want people to think I’m promoting indoor tanning, especially knowing about the skin cancer risks of both indoor and natural outdoor tanning. Rest assure, I […]