Salma Hayek reveals her beauty secrets, “I embrace fat”   Recently updated !

EXTRA – Salma Hayek is stunning at 48! The actress sat down with “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson to talk about her new animated film, “The Prophet” that she produced and lent her voice to. Hayek also opened up about her beauty secrets. Salma shared her beauty regimen and admitted that some […]

Salma Hayek Beauty Secrets

Summer Skin Tips   Recently updated !

During the summer, a few things go up: temperatures, travel and outdoor activity levels – and between over-washing sweaty skin or sun-frying our strands, it can be hard to keep up with the stress we put on our skin and hair, especially on the go. In fact, POND’S recently uncovered […]


Do Designer Sunglasses Provide Better UV Protection?

MADE IN THE SHADE: DO DESIGNER SUNGLASSES PROVIDE BETTER UV PROTECTION THAN BARGAIN BRANDS? As spring draws near, people will be replacing their hats and gloves with sunglasses. While status conscious fashionistas might spend hundreds to get the latest look from Tom Ford, Gucci or Prada, others spend more money […]


Strawberry Laser Cleared For Fat Melting And Inch Loss

CAN A “Strawberry” MELT THE FAT AWAY? Read on About This Sweet New Treatment First introduced in London, the Strawberry Laser’s cold laser technology is now available in the United States. Already, over 5 million people worldwide have lost instant inches with Strawberry. There are now Strawberry systems installed […]


Fitness Trend SPIDERBANDS Gets An At Home Makeover

Spiderbands® is a group fitness class that has taken the New York area by storm. The class uses gravity and your bodyweight to create this total-body cardio resistance workout. Mixing suspension and aerial techniques with rebounding, kickboxing, and indoor cycling, Spiderbands® is the new and improved hybrid workout. Certified fitness […]


Anti Aging Products and Ingredients: Don’t Get Creamed with False Hope in a Jar

ANTI AGING PRODUCTS AND INGREDIENTS: DON’T GET CREAMED WITH FALSE HOPE IN A JAR SEPARATING THE SKINCARE HEROES FROM THE ZEROES Here’s what is certain: There are no firming or tightening products whose results can duplicate what you derive from in office procedures such as dermal fillers, botox, lasers, […]


How Safe is your Eye Makeup Routine? Eye make-up and cosmetics can enhance your appearance. Adding a little mascara, eye liner and eye shadow is easy and fun. However, this cosmetic enhancement may end up being harmful to eyes if applied carelessly. Issues can range from allergic reactions, to eye infections, to serious injuries. Though extreme, […]


10 Foods to Help Protect Your Body’s Largest Organ – Your Skin

10 Foods to Protect Your Skin EDGEWATER, MARYLAND – According to the American Academy of Dermatology, your skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ, making it crucial to care for it. What many people don’t realize is that the foods they consume on a daily basis have a […]


Five Summer Accessories

Life & Beauty Weekly: English Content Five Summer Accessories By Elizabeth Levy Sad for Life & Beauty Weekly The little details are usually the ones that make the biggest difference to your look. As fashion seasons change, accessories tend to make your outfit, by giving it a distinctive style to […]


5 Parenting Tips to Help Raise an Independent Child

Life & Beauty Weekly: English Content 5 Parenting Tips to Help Raise an Independent Child By Lambeth Hochwald for Life & Beauty Weekly Next time you’re about take over your child’s science project or even make their bed, put down the poster board and leave the sheets where they lie. […]