Your No Excuse Guide to Toning While Traveling

Photo credit: Adam Ciesielski YOUR NO EXCUSE GUIDE TO TONING WHILE TRAVELING Many fitness enthusiasts find it difficult to follow their normal exercise plan while traveling. Unfamiliar environments, tightly-scheduled business meetings, or lack of exercise equipment may hamper even a fitness fanatic’s best intentions for staying fit while on […]


Can Scalp Tattoos Cover Scars? 1

Can Tattoos Cover Scalp Scars? Bald spots are frequently thought of as being linked to the aging process, but what about other kinds of permanent hair loss? Accident-related scars, burns, birthmarks and transplant scars are just a small list of things that may cause bald spots. Although hair transplant […]


Get Younger Looking Eyes

EYE OPENING WAYS TO GET YOUNGER LOOKING PEEPERS RIGHT NOW Your eyes are the windows to your age. In fact, studies have shown that when strangers are asked to judge how old a person is, the eye area is one of the biggest influences. The delicate skin around our […]


My Fake Is Good But Your Fake Is Bad 1

My Fake Is Good But Your Fake Is Bad By Dr. Sherrie Campbell In today’s society the majority of women invest in enhancing their appearance cosmetically, and why not? We all deserve to feel beautiful. There is nothing wrong with tastefully taking care of and enhancing ourselves in ways which […]


Secrets Most Plastic Surgeons Will Never Reveal

Plastic Surgeon Secrets 10 SHADES OF GREY: SECRETS MOST PLASTIC SURGEONS WILL NEVER REVEAL Plastic surgeons are perhaps the most “polished” of physicians. They are typically the best dressed, have the most effervescent personalities, the perkiest nurses, and offices ripped from the pages of Architectural Digest in addition to […]


Get Your Anti-Aging Skin Fix

GET YOUR ANTI-AGING SKIN FIX: NO PRESCRIPTION OR DOCTOR APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Age and poor food choices are not the only culprit of wrinkles and neither are genetics. There are factors that come into play caused by one’s lifestyle and beauty habits that can exacerbate the aging process. Dr. Mirwat […]


Surprising Facts About Dehydration

NUTRITIONIST AND FITNESS TRAINER FRANCI COHEN SPILLS THE TRUTH ON SURPRISING FACTS ABOUT DEHYDRATION A huge misconception about dehydration is the way one identifies it. Most people think that if they drink when they feel thirsty, they can avoid becoming dehydrated. According to Franci Cohen, personal trainer, exercise physiologist, […]


Salma Hayek reveals her beauty secrets, “I embrace fat”

EXTRA – Salma Hayek is stunning at 48! The actress sat down with “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson to talk about her new animated film, “The Prophet” that she produced and lent her voice to. Hayek also opened up about her beauty secrets. Salma shared her beauty regimen and admitted that some […]

Salma Hayek Beauty Secrets

Summer Skin Tips

During the summer, a few things go up: temperatures, travel and outdoor activity levels – and between over-washing sweaty skin or sun-frying our strands, it can be hard to keep up with the stress we put on our skin and hair, especially on the go. In fact, POND’S recently uncovered […]


Do Designer Sunglasses Provide Better UV Protection?

MADE IN THE SHADE: DO DESIGNER SUNGLASSES PROVIDE BETTER UV PROTECTION THAN BARGAIN BRANDS? As spring draws near, people will be replacing their hats and gloves with sunglasses. While status conscious fashionistas might spend hundreds to get the latest look from Tom Ford, Gucci or Prada, others spend more money […]